Investlite Review 2023: Scam or Safe? Detailed Review

Investlite is the best forex broker who is renowned for its CFD brokerage service. They have a wide range of global forex markets available to do online trading through different forex trading platform. They even have enough educational resources and materials to support their clients with trading services through their trading instruments and tools. In this Investlite review, our team discussed all the aspects of their trading policy to help you choose the right trading broker for yourself. They will ensure a transparent and competitive trading environment for their clients. Along with 350+ trading assets, they provide professional forex tools to their clients for analysis. They even support the most popular online trading platform on laptops, desktops, smartphones, etc. Therefore, Investlite is performing tremendously in the forex market these days. 

Investlite Review 2021 Scam or Safe Detailed Review

Account Opening 

The account opening process of Investlite is pretty simple. You have to fill up the short online form which you can get from their website. Filling this application will be the first step towards opening an account in Investlite. After that, you need to provide some personal details and necessary documents to their website. They will ask for the identification of your personal information and verification of your documents. In order to start trading with your account, you just need to fill in their requirements precisely. Only then, you will be allowed to use your account for trading. You can start trading after deposit the required money into your account. Once you start trading using your own account, you will be also able to withdraw your trading money. Though they follow some strict procedures for opening accounts, these are really necessary for your account’s safety and security. 

Rules and Regulations

Investlite has a strict firewall system and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). They ensure encrypted transactions as well as communication data servers to their traders. They are operated by a renowned company named Bayline Trading Limited. This is a company of limited liability which is also incorporated under some specific laws of Belize bearing company. They are regulated (IFSC) by the Belize International Financial Service Commission.

Available Countries

Due to regional rules, laws, restrictions, and regulations, brokers can’t offer their services throughout the world. They only allow their services in some specific regions where they can get permission to do trading. Countries like the US, Canada, and some others aren’t available for getting trading services from Investlite. Even their services and special programs can vary from country to country. Therefore, if any special program doesn’t support your trading account, then consider this as your region restriction. Even there are a lot of countries where forex trading of Investlite isn’t allowed because of the legal restrictions. So, before taking Investlite as your trading platform, please be sure about the fact that are they available in your country or not. 

Trading Platform

Trading Platform

Investlite is the only CFD broker that can provide three different trading platforms to their clients and traders. First of all, they allow their customer to trade with Investlite WebTrader. This application can offer you all sorts of trading tools in your hand. There are some other features of Investlite WebTrader which attract a lot of new traders. They are as follows: 

  • Technical signal indicator
  • Different types of chart available with timeframes
  • Access to the history of the trades
  • Real-time dealing opportunity 
  • Account switching with just a click
  • Different types of orders
  • Built-in support system 

The second trading platform they offer to their client is the Investlite Mobile Trading app. This app is quite beneficial to the traders as they can do trading through their smartphones. But they do have some additional features as well, which are as follows: 

  • Opportunity to customize the trading environment and condition
  • Feature of checking real-time balance 
  • More than 50 professional analysis tools
  • Allows CFDs on 350+ assets including currencies and cryptocurrencies
  • Profit/Loss set up option
  • Support system with multilingual feature

And the final one is the most popular and the best trading platform which is MetaTrader 4 or MT4. Millions of traders use this software on their laptops, desktop, smartphone throughout the world. Some notable features of MT4 are mentioned below: 

  • Availability of different types of the chart with timeframes from one minute to one month
  • Opportunity to use different order types
  • Notification alert of any set price
  • Availability of bars, lines, and candlestick chart types
  • Built-in technical indicators and graphical tools
  • Free availability on any device
  • Easily accessible additional tools
  • Chance to be a part of a vast community to share ideas with other traders
  • Trading opportunity through expert and veteran traders 

Account Type

Trading Instruments

Investlite provides CFDs which is also known as a contract for differences which is available on more than 350 trading instruments and it includes asset classes like stocks, commodities, forex, metals, indices, currencies (both major and minor), and cryptocurrencies. You can get trading tools to support the above-mentioned trading platforms. These three platforms are enough to satisfy all sorts of needs and demands of the traders as their trading tools. But yet Investlite offers some additional tools like the season calendar and economic calendar to analyze the forex market policy. 

Deposit and Withdrawal 

Investlite has some specific convenient methods available for depositing and withdrawal funds from the trading account. You can use a bank wire, credit and debit card, and online payment systems to deposit and withdraw money from your trading account quite easily. Some famous online payment systems such as Neteller, Payoneer, PayPal, Skrill, etc. are available for the clients of Investlite. Though there are some limitations of these methods of deposit and withdrawal. All countries don’t follow the same pattern and therefore some of them may not be available in your country. So, it would be a great decision to check all the available deposit and withdrawal methods before opening an account with Investlite.

Deposit and Withdrawal 

Pros and Cons

Here are some of the pros of Investlite review as follows:

  • Availability of multiple trading platforms
  • Tailor-made trading guides according to the needs of the trader
  • Wide range of trading tools and instruments
  • Opportunity to deal with different types of account
  • Funding options are quite flexible

Now, let’s discuss some cons of Investlite review:

  • Doesn’t allow clients from the US and Canada
  • Strict offshore regulations
  • The minimum deposit amount is $250

Wrap Up

The goal of Investlite is to offer online investment opportunities so that the traders can shine perfectly in the forex market through their trading. They have to start trading in the competitive environment in the first place so that they can cope up easily with the fast-paced trading market in the future. They also provide necessary and some additional tools to ease your trading issues in the forex market. Proper educational resources and materials will be available at your reach for getting proper forex education. You can easily choose and change your trading platforms or use them on multiples devices because of their flexible account options. Therefore, Investlite review is making their territory all over the world day by day.