T1Markets Review 2023: Scam or Safe? Detailed Review

T1Markets is a popularly known online broker that provides the opportunity to use the MT4 platform to trade CFDs on different assets like stocks, forex, metals, commodities, indices, etc. You can trade using mobile applications or through web trading on the T1Markets platform. They also provide some selective trading tools, forex education resources and materials, and multiple funding account options to their clients. There is one of the few regulated brokers who also ensures a user-friendly trading experience for their clients. Buying and selling of trading assets and instruments of any type is easily doable on T1Markets. They don’t charge any money as their commission fee as well. Their spreads start from 0.03 pips and their highest leverage which they offer only to their professional clients is 1:500. In this T1Markets review, our team will discuss some key points and aspects of T1Markets to guide you with your trading broker selection.

T1Markets Review 2021: Scam or Safe? Detailed Review

Account Opening

Account opening is the first formal part of becoming an official trader for T1Markets. You will find a short online application form once you visit their website. You need to fill the form with your personal details and information. You may have to attach some documents for verification and identification. They strictly maintain these processes so that they can get authentic traders from all over the world. After finishing all these procedures, your application will be in process. An officer from the accounting department will contact you once your account is processed. You will be provided the details of your login info. Then you just have to sign in to your account using this information. Now, you can start trading with your account by depositing money in the first place. But before submitting the application form, do go through their whole terms and conditions so that you don’t face any trouble regarding the regulations later.

Rules and Regulations

T1Markets is basically the trading name of the renowned and popular company General Capital Brokers Limited (GCB). They are the best forex broker of Cyprus and they are regulated and authorized by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). T1Markets always prioritize the security of their client’s money and capital more than anything. This is why they have earned their reputation today. They adopted the most advanced technologies to protect and secure the data of their traders. They provide the safest environment to their clients in terms of data protection. Each and every trading and the financial transaction will be encrypted in their server. All your personal information and documents will never be disclosed. They strictly follow and maintain all these rules and regulations.

Available Countries

T1Markets is one of the most wide-spread countries around the world. They offer their services to 20+ countries including the UK, Austria, Bulgaria, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, and many more. Though they don’t accept clients from outside of the US, still they have huge coverage in Europe. But their services vary from country to country, region to region. Due to legal restrictions, some specific countries aren’t allowed to trade with T1Markets at all. But some programs may not be available because of the difference between the countries as well.

Trading Platforms

Trading Platforms

T1Markets provides the opportunity to trade in both mobile app trading and web trading. You can get easy access to the global markets and can trade as well thereby using one of the best forex trading platforms MetaTrader 4 (MT4) mobile application. You can literally carry the whole trading market in your pocket if you install this app on your phone and start trading with this app. Live bids, price, and charts are available in MT4. It can also provide more than 90 additional tools to help you with trading. And all these will be accessible from your smartphone. Millions of people are using MT4 as their trading platform all around the world.

You will also get built-in trading instruments for doing analysis on the current trading market anytime you want. Availability of multiple types of charts and timeframes is ensured in the MT4 app. You can also get automated strategies and different types of orders, even the infamous one-click trading as well. You will be able to use the MQL marketplace to enhance the trading platform capabilities of yours.

If you are comfortable with the web version trading platform, then you can use the MT4 web trader version. You can run this on any modern web browser with ease. The benefit of using this web version is you won’t need to download or install the trading application or any other additional software.

Trading Instruments

More than 350 assets of different types are accessible to trade CFDs with T1Markets. Currency pairs (both major and minor), cryptocurrencies, metals, indices, stocks, commodities, and many more assets are available for trading in T1Markets. All the other trading tools like seasonal reports, economic calendar, and trading indicators are also provided by T1Markets. But you will get the most tools and instruments while using the MT4 app or web trading platform on your desktop, laptop, and smartphone. Their trading instruments are well-enough to satisfy the desires of their clients.

Deposit and Withdrawal

T1Markets consists of some conventional methods for depositing money to the trading account and withdrawing money from it as well. You can use a credit or debit card to deposit and withdraw money, bank wire and online payment methods like Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, and Payoneer are also available to deposit and withdraw money from your trading account.

These online payment methods may charge some extra fees along with the per transaction. This transaction fee may vary from country to country as well. But your withdrawal request can take some time to process. It often takes two or three days to withdraw a certain amount from the trading account. Depositing money doesn’t take much time like withdrawing. It is transferred within a few minutes while depositing any money to the account.

There are also transaction limits, requirements, restrictions, and regulations in some of the online payment methods. It would be better for you if you remain careful while choosing the payment option for depositing and withdrawing money to your account.

Deposit and Withdrawal

Pros and Cons

Let’s discuss the pros of T1Markets review first as follows:

  • Renowned regulated forex brokerage firm
  • Availability of both the mobile and web MT4 platforms
  • Zero commission
  • Huge collection of forex educational materials
  • Selection of trading tools and instruments
  • Different funding account options

Now, let’s discuss the cons of T1Markets review as well:

  • US clients aren’t allowed
  • No chance of getting a daily analysis of the market
  • No tight spreads

Wrap Up

T1Markets is a regulated forex trading broker that offers hundreds of CFD trading instruments to their clients for trading by giving them access to the best trading platform as well. Therefore, they get access to an easy mobile and web version of the forex market in their pocket. Even they offer different trading payment methods and tools to their clients also. so, the clients and traders are getting attracted to this popular brokerage site day by day.